A Koan is a riddle like question in Zen Buddhism meant to break boundaries and create an open mind.⠀

We serve a tasting menu inspired by the wonders of South Korean art, design,

and history combined with the bounty of nordic ingredients.

Tasting Menu 2500,-

Koan Wine pairing 1250,-

Prestige Wine pairing 2500,-

Korean Sool pairing 1600,-

Non alcoholic pairing 1100,-

We also offer a pairing of non alcoholic beverages combined with your choice of Koan Wine, Prestige Wine or Korean Sool pairing upon request.

Allergies / dietary restrictions
We are unfortunately not able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. If the dietary requirements dictate comprehensive
changes in the menu that will result in a compromise of standards we unfortunately might not be able to accommodate your request.
Please contact us for further information at booking@koancph.dk before making your reservation.

Credit Cards
Corporate Credit Cards (issued in and outside the EU) & Private Credit Cards (issued outside the EU) will be subject to a fee.

Langeliniekaj 5. 2100 Copenhagen Ø