A Koan is a riddle like question in Zen Buddhism meant to break boundaries and create an open mind.⠀

Exploring the street kitchens, the temples, the barbecue culture and the royal court cuisine is something that I will take with me for the rest of my life. Through these discoveries, I have found peace in being adopted, and can now share my love of food through memories from my travels combined with the wonderful ingredients that the Nordic seasons offer.
For the past seven years, my curiosity about my birth country South Korea has grown stronger and in this connection I have gone on a discovery in the country to learn more about culture, history, people and traditions. It has manifested itself in the fact that my vocation as a chef has risen to a higher level in the form of a sincere calmness. I again have an apprentice's view of all the impressions I have gained through dinners, ingredients and traditional and complex layers that are in the different Korean cuisines.

Kristian Baumann

Menu options

Tasting Menu 3300,-

Koan Wine pairing 1800,-

Prestige Wine pairing 3800,-

Korean Sool pairing 1600,-

Non alcoholic pairing 1100,-

The Sommeliers Table 14.500,- This price incl prestige champagne and carefully selected wines from iconic winemakers,  tasting menu, coffee, tea, avec and water. Min. 4 pers. Pre-booking only.

We also offer a pairing of non alcoholic beverages combined with your choice of Koan Wine, Prestige Wine or Korean Sool pairing upon request.

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Allergies / dietary restrictions
We are unfortunately not able to accommodate all dietary restrictions. If the dietary requirements dictate comprehensive
changes in the menu that will result in a compromise of standards we unfortunately might not be able to accommodate your request.
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